Amber Chongyun Triple Nuke


Some Healing
Some Shielding
Very Difficult
Mostly ST













  • Main DPS Amber team that can deal with AoE content
  • Utilizes Chongyun C2 to reduce rotation time
  • Three satisfying nukes in a row
  • Only uses one contested unit (Sucrose)
  • Requires C4 Amber, C2 Chongyun
  • High Difficulty
  • Bunny is very easily thrown around by enemies, causing missed damage and Energy
  • Needs good understanding of enemy behavior in order for bunny melts to hit
  • Strict rotation, damage falls off a cliff if anything goes wrong or misses
  • Enemies need to stay in Diona's Burst for both bunnies to melt
  • Chongyun Burst doesn't fully reverse melt in single-target

Rotation 21s


Optional branches:

  • Can Sucrose Q for more crowd control depending on content
  • Can funnel Diona's Particles to Chongyun to lower his ER reqs
  • Can apply Cryo with Chongyun Normal Attacks after the two bunny nukes to melt 1 or 2 Amber CAs

The main draw of this team is the three consecutive nukes of Chongyun Burst reverse melt and two Amber Bunny melts. Chongyun's C2 reduces the cooldown of Amber's Elemental Skill to 10.2 seconds, allowing for 20.4 to 21 second rotations as opposed to 24 seconds normally for Amber Double Bunny teams.

The main problem of this team is the highly volatile nature of manually triggering Baron Bunny and actually having it hit enemies. Baron Bunny is easily tossed around by enemy attacks, pushing it out of range. The player is then forced to either push it back into range, or abandon it, resulting in a huge damage loss. Enemies that move around a lot, such as Rifthounds, can also move out of range. With improper positioning and bunny placement, enemies can block Amber from being able to shoot it. All this results in an unforgiving team that functions poorly against certain content, and requires good knowledge of enemy behavior.

This composition functions best in AoE, allowing both Chongyun's Burst and Amber's bunnies to hit multiple enemies, as other Amber teams can outperform this one in single-target.

Approximate Energy Requirements: Amber: 100-110%
Chongyun: 120%, 150% if no funneling
Sucrose: N/A
Diona: 200%, 250% if feeding Particles to Chongyun

Rotation Notes

Diona hold E Q
Sucrose E/N1
Amber Q
Sucrose E/N1
Chongyun QE
Amber E CA(shoot bunny)
Amber E CA(shoot bunny)
Amber 1-3xCA > repeat