Beidou Sara Quickswap Hypercarry


Some Shielding
Very Difficult
Mostly ST





Kujou Sara








  • Big Beidou AoE damage
  • Interruption resistance for "ease of use"
  • Complicated rotation route with little branches
  • Requires knowledge of Beidou proc ICD in order to minmax Normal Attack weaving
  • High energy costs on units
  • Damage plummets against single targets
  • Requires you to perfect Sara's finnicky Skill and Aimed Shot timings
  • Beidou and Sara energy generation is reliant on hitting counters

Rotation 24s


The only purpose of this build is to reach maximum Beidou damage numbers while also having a functioning team outside of speedruns. The main goal of this rotation is to ensure full uptime on Sara's C6 on Beidou's Burst since the Crit Damage buff cannot be snapshotted. Weaving in Normal Attacks between each skill cast is imperative for maximizing Beidou's discharge uptime.

Explanation of rotation: Sara E > Q at the start preps a Crowfeather that will last up to 18 seconds. Her Burst applies Electro and if spaced correctly, will last long enough to buff Beidou before she casts her Burst.

Sucrose Q afterwards to hopefully infused Electro to grant her C6 bonus to Beidou to snapshot. There is typically no time for Sucrose to E for prefunelling.

Beidou E > Q to prefunnel particles and ensure she has all needed buffs before snapshotting her Burst.

After one set of Sucrose's Normal > E > Normal, Sara's C6 buff will soon expire.

Sara CA > E > CA to proc 2 Crowfeathers and get 2 Beidou discharges.

Beidou E > Normal to collect particles, C6 buff, and proc discharges.

Fill the rest in with Sucrose E and Bennett E, normal weaving each time.

Approximate Energy Requirements:
Beidou: 120-140% based on number of full counters
Sara: 160-200% based on number of full counters
Sucrose: 200%
Bennett: 200%

Rotation Notes

Bennett E Q
Sara E Q
Sucrose Q
Beidou E Q
Sucrose N1 E dash N1
Sara CA E CA
Beidou E N1
Sucrose E N1
Bennett E N1