Hu Tao Sucrose Vape


No Healing
No Shielding
Very Difficult
Mostly ST


Hu Tao











  • High single-target DMG
  • Does not use Bennett
  • Supports do not require high-investment
  • Swirling both Hydro and Pyro requires a precise rotation
  • Wants good combo execution
  • Xingqiu and Hu Tao's interruption resistance may not be sufficient against difficult content
  • Can struggle in AoE content

Rotation 21s


Deals high damage in single-target while having semi-accessible gearings for F2P players. Hu Tao stacks several buffs via 4-Piece Instructor, Sucrose's EM share, and TTDS to deal tremendous amounts of damage during her Paramita Papilio infusion window. This team also scales well through high investment, better weapons, and character constellations.

On the flip side, the team presents a few downsides. Most notably, the lack of shielding and healing which may lead to survivability issues. The rotation itself can also be on the more difficult side to execute as it is necessary to VV both Hydro and Pyro while maximizing buff uptime on Hu Tao to maximize DPS.

When reading the attached sheet, the following should be considered:

Amber's damage can be taken to be negligible (4-Piece Instructor is assumed as a buff, but 5-Star artifact placeholders are used to due to a lack of 4-Star artifacts implementation).

Sucrose's Burst is assumed to never be used but can be used in actual gameplay for better uptime on her EM share.

Hu Tao's Burst damage is averaged out for 2 rotations. Hu Tao's A1 Passive is not accounted for.

Rotation Notes

First rotation:
Xingqiu EQ N1
Amber Q N1
Sucrose N3 E N1
Hu Tao Tao E 8N1CJ Q

Second rotation:
Xingqiu EQ N1
Amber Q N1
Sucrose N3 E N1
Hu Tao E 8N1CJ

Disclaimer: May require an extra attack on Sucrose in order to VV Hydro.