Ning-Fischl 12s Rotation


No Healing
Only ST













  • Extremely short rotations allow to cover for mistakes
  • Balanced between high Burst damage and sustained damage
  • Scales well with gear and consellations
  • Does not rely on reactions, so damage is highly consistent
  • Extremely high shield uptime makes for very comfortable gameplay
  • Damage is highly locked to a single-target
  • Involves extremely rapid switching, which can be difficult
  • Involves lots of Geo Constructs, so bosses can be a hindrance

Rotation 12s


The ER used is an absolute minimum, and higher ER is strongly recommended. Further, this team does not function without Favonius Lance Zhongli, and it is imperative he is used with this weapon. Otherwise, the gear is generally flexible - Ningguang and Fischl can switch to ATK% sets and other competitive weapons while maintaining competitive team damage. The quick nature of rotations and swaps on this team means that any mistakes made are quickly recovered by simply following along with the next rotation, and the high amount of shielding from Zhongli casting his shield every 12 seconds makes this team extremely comfortable. It should be noted that C6 for both Ningguang and Fischl are quite significant for damage, but other than that unit constellations do not significantly improve the team. Both Ningguang and Fischl scale very well with better gear. Furthermore, this team does not function without Favonius Lance Zhongli, and it is imperative he is used with this weapon - while refinements are helpful, they are not needed.

Rotation Notes

First Rotation and Odd Number Rotations:
Zhongli hE N2
Albedo E
Fischl E
Ningguang EQE CA 2N1C

Every other rotation:
Zhongli hE N2
Fischl Q
Ningguang EQE CA 2N1C

Disclaimer: Ningguang's second E is optional, and she can perform her N2C combos instead of N1Cs instead. Make sure to trigger Favonius on Zhongli before switching.

Note About Sim: Energy is set to higher than KQMC to allow for multiple rotations to be done for timing purposes. ER% requirements were calcuated through an Energy Recharge Calculator. Other stats were inputed through a substat solver. These stats were used on the characters in the sim.

Credits to naivety | pkach#6934 and Kurt#5846 for helping me with the stats and gcsim, respectively.